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Dear Broker,
Welcome to!-Your new working partner who can boost your revenues and help you close multiple deals in shortest possible time.

This is your zone and forum to interact with us by Registering for FREE and to become a valued Group Partner.

Once registered you will get access to all our deals that are online and offline which include transactions directly with us or any of the other group partners. We have two distinct ways in which you can work with us-

1) Since we are India’s largest Real Estate Group Buying Company and have very attractive multiple deals in real estate at a great discount which you were always waiting for.You can partner with us for the same and offer the deals to your valued customers.We will share the total brokerage earned with you for every successful deal closed.
2) If you have better deals than us or anyone else in the market ,we would love to help you get demand for the same. You can register and submit the details of the deal, which we then can post on the website. Our team will try to close the deal for you. We will share the total brokerage earned collectively.
3) Huge advantage of becoming a group partners we currently have the largest data bank of buyers in India who are looking for homes offices and land human growth hormone hgh supergreenbiz right now needless to say we can't cater to the huge demand and can't colse every transaction independently so we are happy to share those deals with our esteemed gps and share the commissions too. Multilevel Broker Network. Broker A ties up with GHB they share brokerage equally Broker A introduces broker B1 and B2 to GHB broker A earns a commission on his own transactions plus on any business that GHB does with B1 and B2 assuming B1 and B2 introduce C1 and C2 and C3 and C4 broker A earns a commission on his own transactions plus on any business that GHB does with B1 and B2 and C1 and C2 and C3 and C4 Now isn’t that fabulous this is simply our way of saying thank you to all our esteemed group broker < GB) for their patronage and their continued commitment into growing the GHB family. Needless to say, that this is ensuring that you receive a cheque directly from our company. For any transactions in your chain that to without compromising the brokerage of any one in your chain. This additional commission, Is paid out from our share. So go on send us an email today of all the brokers that you may know with their names num and email Id,s once they register under us at any time in the next 12 months we shall intimate you of the same via mail


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